Work Experience bursaries

The University of Birmingham Work Experience bursary scheme offers financial support for undergraduates of all years to undertake work experience. 

The work experience can be within the UK, overseas or for research related experiences (for example, a research project at a university or within an organisation that is undertaking research). Awards for this bursary strand are for work experience placements outside of term time and during the summer break only (June-September)

Careers Network has provided the below information to support you with completing your Work Experience Bursary application form. Please click on the relevant hyperlink to find out more.

Imortant information

  • If you have been awarded a bursary previously, you can apply again, however, you must strongly demonstrate how this experience is different, and builds upon the previous opportunity for which you received an award.
  • Students can only apply for one bursary scheme, not both.

Work experience bursary application form

Work Experience bursary applications

It is highly recommended to read each section of information in detail to ensure you complete your application to a suitable standard. If you have any questions or require further information, you can contact the Careers Network Internship Officer responsible for managing the bursary for which you are applying, by emailing

Once the application deadline has passed, all applications received on-line will be assessed by Careers Network staff. Applicants who are successful in passing this first assessment stage will then be invited to attend a short panel interview and to deliver a five minute presentation. If you pass both of these stages, you may then be granted a bursary.

Who can apply for a Work Experience bursary

The scheme is open to all undergraduate students of all years, including international students. You must source your own internship / work experience. 

Support available for a Work Experience bursary

The scheme provides you with a bursary of up to £800 for undergraduates to undertake work experience in the UK, overseas or for research related experiences. The amount you apply for will depend on the individual circumstances of your proposed work experience. In the past awards have ranged from £100 to £800 to help with expenses including:

  • Accommodation costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Living costs and utilities bills
  • Insurance
  • Visa costs

Interview skills support

If you are successful in your initial application, you will be invited to attend an interview. For more information about interview skills, visit our interview resources:

  • Preparing for an interview 

Internship opportunities

We advertise a range of internship opportunities exclusive to current students and graduates of the University of Birmingham; take a look at some of the great positions available. You can also try logging on to our jobs database on Careers Connect - there are lots of internships on offer and more are added regularly so do keep checking! 

Previous Work Experience funding winners

See details of previous winners of our work experience funding schemes and their experiences.


Each year many students fundraise themselves to cover all or part of their costs, particularly for opportunities overseeas. We are currently developing resources to support you in funraising. 


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