How to apply for Global Challenge

The following guidance will help you put in an effective application for Global Challenge.

You should plan your application carefully before applying though our online form.

Before you apply

Read the guidelines

You should start out by reading the application guidelines (PDF - 910KB) and the details of the internship you intend to apply for, and practice your answers. 

Think about your budget

You will need to provide a detailed budget for your internship. We are looking for realistic, well-thought out budgets supported by good evidence. Use our budget guidelines and planner (Word - 14KB) to prepare a good budget.

Prepare documents and evidence

You will be asked to submit several documents and pieces of evidence as part of your application. You should make sure you have these ready before you begin applying. 

What documents do I need?

Online application form

When you have prepared your answers, apply using the online application form.

Application deadline

This can vary for each internship - please refer to the deadline on the page for each respective internship opportunity.

Problems providing evidence with application

If you have problems providing the required documents and evidence as part of your online application form, you can submit them in person or by email, as long as they reach us by the application deadline. Please mark these for the attention of Kam Manku, Senior Internship Officer.