Global Challenge - documents needed to apply

As part of your Global Challenge online application, you will be asked to upload the following documents.

Your CV

Careers Network has a range of careers guides, workshops, drop-ins and online tools including CV checking and practice interview software. You can also ask one of our Careers Advisers to review your CV, cover letter or application by emailing Careers Network.

Supporting letter

You will need to scan in and submit a signed letter of support from someone who is involved in your education, personal development or employment. The letter should be on headed paper and should explain why the internship will support your development and career prospects. The letter will ideally be from a personal tutor, a mentor or a past/present employer.

Budget evidence

As part of your application you will be asked to show us how much money you need from us and for what purpose. You should back up your application with evidence, which you can provide as screenshots or online documents. The application guidelines explain in more detail what we are looking for. 

Problems providing evidence with application

If you have problems providing evidence when you apply online, you can submit the evidence by email. Your evidence needs to reach us by the closing date for applications.


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