Nasio Trust, Musanda (Kenya)

Internship: Assistant to the Director of Operations

The Nasio Trust is a UK registered charity and Kenyan NGO which empowers communities in western Kenya to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving health and developing commerce.

About The Nasio Trust

We believe that children who are orphaned are better supported growing up in a family than in an institution isolated from their community. 

Our programmes provide support to around 400 children and their communities. Our model of care is based on a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of a vulnerable child's life by supporting their emotional, physical and psycho-social development through access to education, emotional support, advocacy, food security, access to health and welfare services, and community strengthening.

A key part of our strategy is to empower communities to set up and run their own sustainable income generating projects, gain knowledge, skills and confidence to become entrepreneurial, spotting opportunities for viable small businesses and providing pump-priming loans to get started.

The Nasio Trust offers graduates excellent internship opportunities for personal development.  As a small charity graduates are able to gain wide "hands-on" experience in all areas of running a successful international charity and offering their experience in their areas of expertise to help strengthen and develop our programmes. Every year we offer volunteering and internship opportunities for talented graduates looking for a career in international development. For further details please contact

The Nasio Trust was formed in 2001 (charity number 1104542) to support the growing and complex needs of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) affected by the legacy of HIV/AIDS and poverty in Musanda and Mumias district western Kenya.

About the internship

The intern will work alongside the Director of Operations of the Nasio Trust in Musanda, western Kenya. The role will be to assist the director in running the NGO, providing fresh insight and input into its organisation and management, as well as undertaking delegated assignments. The role of the Director of Operations is to lead the Nasio Trust in breaking the cycle of poverty through education, health, food security and sustainable income generation in an impoverished area in western Kenya. The Director is responsible for leading a team of about 80 permanent and casual staff, managing day-to-day operations, building partnerships with other organisations and ensuring that the various projects provide good value for money while meeting the required standards. The role also involves the financial management of the NGO, ensuring good governance and contributing to the strategic direction of the organisation.

Specific responsibilities will be outlined based on experience but will cover most of the following:

1. Developing policies and processes in areas such as HR and financial controls 
2. Providing the heads of departments with training on, and practical support with management planning 
3. Analysing the income statement and conducting other research in order to improve the profitability or value for money of the NGO's various activities 
4. Working with the heads of departments to set up processes for the evaluation and monitoring of the charity's activities and programmes 
5. Undertaking delegated tasks such as writing contracts and chairing meetings

The Nasio Trust will provide accommodation, meals, and local in-country travel associated with the internship.

Start & end date, duration of the internship

Start date: July 15 (provisional)

End date: September 2020 (provisional)

Duration: 6-10 weeks

Working Hours: Flexible to meet needs of task 

Candidate requirements

Degree requirements:

Essential knowledge & skills:

  • Must be a current University of Birmingham undergraduate student
  • Open to students from any degree background
  • The applicant will be working in all areas of the NGO, so the ability to learn new skills and enhance their own knowledge is a must
  • The applicant must be very adaptable, quickly adjusting to the local culture and practices as well as the challenges of working within a young organisation
  • A willingness to engage directly with the community, including the most vulnerable families which Nasio supports
  • The applicant must be able to work well with others and independently, using their initiative to see tasks through to the end
  • A focus on tangible results and an ability to quickly implement recommendations is required
  • Strong oral and written communication skills and confidence in communicating with people across a range of backgrounds and cultures
  • Ability to analyse a process and identify issues and areas for mprovement

Desirable knowledge & skills:

  • Although subjects such as business, economics, and development studies may provide transferable insights, no particular degree or background is required
  • A good understanding of what it takes to make an organisation successful
  • Experience of engaging with professionals/organisations is desirable, although not essential
  • English is generally understood although some local people only speak their local language or Swahili. Our local staff will always be available to interpret.

How to apply

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