Halimah Isbag - Work Experience Bursary success story

Halimah, a student from the School of Pharmacy, used the Work Experience Bursary towards working as a volunteer at the Pharmacy World Congress.

Read about her experience below.

What did you do?

During the week that I spent in Glasgow, part of my role was assisting in the Press and Speakers room. As well as this, I supported the photographer present at the event order to obtain a range of photographs, which I later edited for various forms of social media. I reviewed content on social media posts and took notes on tasks that required action and I prepared interview questions and archived press releases.

What did you learn?

One of the skills I have developed is my communication and relationship building abilities, through my opportunity to interview researchers on their poster presentations. Preparing and organising questions to gather information on the speaker, their representing country, what their poster is about and how they felt about the conference aided a smooth conversation.

Attending this conference has opened my eyes to the amazing work that goes on in an international playing field. I have been inspired to involve myself in international pharmacy work and understand pharmacy issues on a global scale.

Halimah Isbag

College of Medical and Dental Sciences, School of Pharmacy

“This experience has enabled me to build on my own skills as an individual which I know I will carry on in all my future roles. The opportunity to network with others in the pharmacy profession from across the globe has provided me with offers of placements which can further improve my CV.”


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