Graduate Mentoring scheme

Open to final year undergraduate and postgraduate taught students.

This scheme is a great way to seek advice from a professional currently working in the area you are interested in. Our mentors can offer career insight, industry knowledge and top tips about transitioning from university life to the working world. 

How to apply

Re-opens in March 2018.

Our mentors want to help

Our mentors have kindly volunteered their time to help you succeed after graduation. Many of our mentors are alumni and are in a range of different sectors. They understand what it is like to be a graduate and the difficulties that can arise from finding a job in a competitive market. They want to help you explore your options and decide on the right career path for you!

We have mentors in a number of sectors including marketing, education, engineering, finance, government, legal, health and many more!

In your application form we will ask what career areas you are interested in. This will help us to find a suitable mentor for you.

Please note that whilst we try to meet your requirements there may be some mentors that are not directly working in your chosen area but still have a wealth of experience and advice to offer you.