Andrew Garner


Executive Search and Career Management Consultant

Course: BCom, Industrial Economics and Business Studies, 1965

Andrew may be of interest to students of all disciplines who are interested in leadership positions, developing career management skills and networking.

Andrew Garner has helped fashion the make-up of boardrooms across Europe, Asia and the USA. His depth of knowledge and experience gained has been derived from a career which has had two distinct phases. Initially he worked at a senior level with Mars and Brooke Bond, and for the last 28 years he has become one of the world’s leading executive search consultants.

For seven years he was Chairman and CEO of Boyden World Corporation, during which time the company grew to 64 offices in 40 countries. He then established his own firm, Garner International, floated it on the LSE and later bought Norman Broadbent, one of the all-time leading search brands operating across Europe and the Middle East.

In this current phase he has brought together a team to provide the most up to date techniques in executive search, mentoring/coaching, career guidance and 100 day 'on boarding'.

Andrew is best known for the work completed at PLC board level including NED appointments - most notably for one of the UK’s FTSE 10 companies.

His style and approach as both mentor and search professional has given rise to the development of strong relationships with significant business leaders in a diverse range of markets.

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