Offering your mentoring support

The University of Birmingham has such a diverse student and graduate population, as such, we want to ensure we are providing the most relevant mentoring support.

Please see below for information on eligibility, the timeline of the Careers Network Mentoring scheme during an academic year and the type of mentoring support you could offer. 

Careers Network Mentoring scheme eligibility

The Careers Network Mentoring scheme is eligible to:

  • Undergraduate students in any year
  • LGBTQ+ students (UG and PG) in any year
  • Graduates of July 2020 and July 2021
  • (Spring Term only) Postgraduate taught students

Note: At any given time, we recommend that mentors have a maximum of two mentees in order to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to both mentees and to not impact heavily on the mentor's work load.

Mentoring timeline

  • September - October: Applications open
  • October - November: Shortlisting and mentee training
  • November - June: Mentoring relationship
  • January - February: Applications open
  • February - March: Shortlisting and mentee training
  • March - October: Mentoring relationship

CN Mentoring new timeline

Areas of mentoring support

We aim to match all students to the most relevant mentor and based on their interests in their application form. Please see below for the areas you can offer your support in, along with further information on whether or not you would be suitable. Please note that you can express on your registration the type of mentoring support you would like to offer. 

Note: whilst we aim to match students to their preferences, we cannot always guarantee this but will aim to provide the most relevant mentor as much as possible. 

Career sector and areas of expertise - highest priority for matching

We ask all mentors to specify the sector they work in and the areas of expertise within this. We also ask students the same set of fields. 

This then allows us to start matching based on career interests first. We will then take in to account any other areas of support the student has requested, alongside what a mentor can offer. 

Am I a suitable mentor? We do not specify a number of years worth of work experience for undergraduate students as we feel students can benefit from both recent graduates and professionals with decades of experience. Please take the time to read the remaining sections to see whether or not you can extend your offer of mentoring support to other areas 

Undergraduate students

With the scheme open to all undergraduate students, this means any year of study will apply and we have seen increasing interest from all year groups.  

Am I a suitable mentor? Students will range from their first year through to being in their final year. Here mentors who are recent graduates or experienced professionals will be able to support them most effectively.

LGBTQ+ students

Here we aim to match LGBTQ+ students with mentors across a range of occupations to get advice on how to be happy and fulfilled as an ‘out’ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer employee in the workplace. The objectives are for students to find out more about: choosing an LGBTQ+-friendly employer, what makes a good application, how to come out and how to progress in their chosen career.

Am I a suitable mentor? Our mentors are LGBTQ+ employees (mainly) based in Birmingham, working in a wide range of occupations. If you are interested in this scheme, we will send you further information about bespoke events. 

Find out more from our LGBTQ+ webpage.

Students/graduates starting a business

The demand for students and graduates wanting to start a business is rapidly growing and we want to offer as much support as possible for their businesses to thrive. 

Am I a suitable mentor? We'd recommend mentors who have either set up their own business or would like to share their industry knowledge that will help the mentee reach their goals. Here the mentoring support will still be about personal career developement, as well as enhancing the prospects of their business. 

Recent graduates

This aims to help graduates with the transition from university into employment. Whether they are seeking a graduate job or already have one secured, mentoring gives them access to a professional working in their chosen sector to improve their skills and knowledge to kick start their career after graduation. 

Am I a suitable mentor? We'd recommend mentors to have at least 3 years work experience after graduation. Please note that for postgraduate taught students some may have had sufficient industry work experience and then come back to university to seek their qualification.

Similar background (equality and diversity)

We are keen to provide an accessible mentoring service as well as the most relevant mentor for our students and have decided to look at the following where students consider themselves part of the below: 

You will have the option on your registration form to select whether or not your experiences apply to the above. 

Am I a suitable mentor? We'd recommend mentors that share a similar background and understanding to the above. We will still ensure we focus on similar career interests and then try to align more personal experiences. 

Postgraduate taught students (Spring term only)

This aims to help them seek careers support whilst completing their Masters and then aid their transition into employment. 

Am I a suitable mentor? We'd recommend mentors to have at least 3 years work experience after graduation. Please note that for postgraduate taught students some may have had sufficient industry work experience and then come back to university to seek their qualification.

We hope that you will enjoy mentoring our students/graduates and we have aimed to ensure the support available from mentors, along with the mentees' interests, align as much as possible. Whilst we will do what we can to pair you with a mentee, this will be dependent on the demand for your area(s) of support. However as the scheme will be open in both academic terms, where possible, we will aim to prioritise unmatched mentors.

Thank you so much for volunteering and we look forward to receiving your registration form. 


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