Mentee experiences

Hear from mentees about their experience on the various mentoring schemes on offer at the University of Birmingham.

Read some of the comments below and find out what it is like to be mentored from past mentees via mentoring schemes, run by Careers Network at the University of Birmingham, or read the UoB Mentoring blog.

Mentee case studies


Ekta, Economics student

"I have a better understanding of firms which work closely with the public sector and the opportunities offered in these. I am better able to tailor my applications for public sector type roles now I have a better idea of the sort of candidates they look for i.e. there's been a push on improving efficiency in the public sector so emphasising this competency was important."

Guy, Geogrpahy student

"I feel I gained a more detailed insight into financial services, which I subsequently used in my interview to help me stand out. I also now know which opportunities to focus upon, giving me a better idea of my potential career path." 

Jaleesa, Psychology student

"My mentoring experience has enabled me to improve my application writing skills which will be a great advantage when applying for work experience, postgraduate courses and graduate jobs/schemes. I have acquired insight into my desired career pathway, which will enable me to plan and focus on my long term and short term goals. This will be of great benefit to me as I am now confident in my knowledge of the steps required in order for me to meet my targets for success." 

Mentor case study

Emma Roberts, Fawley Crude Oil Scheduler at ExxonMobil


“There‚Äôs a strong business case for mentoring. I find sharing my experiences (good and bad!) to help someone else find and navigate a career path immensely rewarding.”


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