Our policies

These set out specific details of our promises to all the users of our services.

Complaints policy
While we aim to provide the best service we can at all times, we have also established a policy on how to handle any complaints we may receive.

Confidentiality policy
Getting the best careers advice often involves giving personal information. See our policy on handling such information.

Events Code (PDF - 40.7KB)
This Code of Conduct sets out the standards of service that you can expect from Careers Network when booking to attend an event.

Service statement (PDF - 309KB)
Information on what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you.

Statement of entitlement (PDF - 313KB)
Our various client groups are able to access different sets of our range of services, as laid out in this statement.

Client referral policy (PDF - 340KB)
When another adviser or provider offers services that more closely meet your needs, we may refer you to them.

Client records policy (PDF - 282KB)
This document lists the purposes for which client records are held by staff of the Careers Network, the ways in which those records are held and when they will be updated or destroyed.

UoB data protection policy (PDF - 116KB)
The University has developed this policy to ensure that we meet the principles set out by the Data Protection Act 1998.

UoB fairness and diversity policy (PDF - 50KB)
The purpose of this policy is to set out the University’s commitment to equality and diversity, its legal duties and the rights and responsibilities of members of the University community.

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