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Career biography

Jane Hunt has spent the greater part of her life helping individuals, teams and organisations succeed by focusing on many of the behavioural and cultural elements so critical to success. She believes passionately that people can realise their potential if they are encouraged to acknowledge a range of options, evaluate their impact and apply the lessons learnt - experiential learning in its widest sense.

As a maths graduate she brings a pragmatic and objective slant to the complexities of the attributes of a great leader - talents that are as important for success in life as technical competence - turning mastery into artistry!

For the past 20 years she has mentored many individuals at various stages in their career and from a wide range of industries. She has helped FTSE250 CEOs face up to the impact on their organisations of their own leadership limitations, owner / managers of SMEs build great businesses, scholars and graduates prepare to hit the ground running at whatever is the destination of their next transition. She has recently mentored a postgraduate on the BSEEN programme shape her business offering and a university pro-vice chancellor demonstrate their latent leadership potential. Her son benefited from some 'professional' parental guidance as he worked his way through a first at Oxford, a Masters from Cambridge, a year's sponsored language programme in Japan, some (reluctant) business experience and eventually found his niche in teaching with a fast track promotion to head of Oriental Studies!!

Building on experience has been the foundation of Jane's own career progression with each phase enhancing her skill base. A short service commission for leadership, a PGCE for helping people learn, running a variety of businesses for commercial acumen and management skills, selling computer hardware for account management, persuasion and negotiation skills and several years motivational training within large culturally diverse multinationals in Europe, USA and Africa. She has touched the lives of literally thousands of people - with her passion, energy and voice being the first thing most remembered!

This eclectic mix enables Jane to understand the personal and organisational background of many of her mentoring clients so that she is able to ask those pertinent questions which enable them to identify alternative strategies to their success - smashing any self or externally imposed barriers along the way.

Comments from attendees

Eve Davies, Doctoral Researcher and CAL Adept Coordinator
"Jane Hunt, from the Academy for Chief Executives, brought vibrancy and colour to our Adept Coordinator catch up sessions this morning. Jane, who is presenting on the first day of the Adept Careers Conference, was bouncing ideas off the Adept Coordinators about how to combine doctoral research skills with proficiencies desired in the market. She is, after all, well qualified to advise: as a BSEEN mentor and successful businesswoman, she knows how to motivate people and to bring out the best in them. She is an advocate of ‘experiential learning’; whereby we treat experiences as an experiment, and evaluate our actions in order to continually redevelop our approaches to projects."

Jayne Sharples, Adept project manager at Careers Network
"Jane Hunt has been chosen to speak at the start of the Conference to enthuse the audience researchers to go out and make the most of opportunities. She shows an altruistic interest in the development of doctoral researchers and her speaking is always infused with her passion and commitment.".

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