ADEPT careers survey for postgraduate researchers

Aim of survey

  • To give us a better understanding of the career development needs of Doctoral Researchers, enabling us to plan and deliver effective and relevant services.
  • To involve Doctoral Researchers in the design and content of these services.   

Key results

Profile of respondents 

  • 269 Doctoral Researchers from across the five Colleges took part in the survey
  • 28.7% of respondents have a definite career plan, and nearly all of these, 27%, are planning a career in academia   


Resources Doctoral Researchers indicated that they would find most helpful in planning their future career  

  • 53% of respondents indicated that they need contact with employers and alumni
  • 52.4% wanted relevant job vacancy and labour market information
  • 46% suggested that they needed work experience or internships
  • 37.6% specified that they wanted one-to-one career advice
  • 32% thought career planning workshops would be helpful
  • 26.4% thought mentoring and coaching were important  

Doctoral Researchers rating of skills

Doctoral Researchers rating of skills they are developing during their research, related to skills sought by employers 

  • Approximately 65% of respondents indicated that they had developed high level skills in research and creative thinking (giving a rating of either 1 or 2 on an 8 point scale) 
  • Only 20% rated their career management skills equally highly   

Barriers to accessing services

  • 67.6% of respondents indicated that lack of time was main reason for not accessing career development services

Additional services

  • 92% responded to the question asking them to indicate additional services
  • Of this 92% information about careers in academia was the most popular request
  • Online information was also a popular request
  • A number of respondents indicated the need to include services for mature researchers, i.e. those mid-career and those with experience  
Mature student in a seminar


Professional Services