Talent Pool


Please note, Talent Pool will not be running in 2017 but dates have been announced for a similar programme called Postgraduate Enterprise Summer School (PESS).  Register for PESS here.  

What is Talent Pool?

Through the Talent Pool we are developing the next generation of skilled employees, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, business consultants and academics.

The Talent Pool is a unique programme developed by the University of Birmingham to support research students in developing their enterprise skills. Through an intensive training programme, students are challenged to develop key enterprise skills that will put students in a strong position to focus on their career aspirations and lay the foundations of achieving these career goals.

The programme actively encourages students to participate in knowledge exchange relationships with internal departments and/or external organisations. Businesses can then tap into this talent through the commissioning of specific short-term consultancy projects and/or work placements.

Talent Pool programme participants


For Doctoral Researchers at the University of Birmingham

We provide a programme of professional development that provides customised transferable skills training. Find out how your research skills are sought by companies and the social and private sectors. Build competencies in consulting and enterprise that will support your academic and other career aspirations. Understand business models, pricing and project management; upgrade your pitching and presenting skills; develop stronger negotiation, influencing and other interpersonal skills; and build a network of peers, academics, business people and leaders.

For businesses looking to tap into our talent

If you are a business looking for additional resources to deliver specific projects, then the Talent Pool may be the solution. We can provide you with access to over 200 Researchers covering most business sectors. Each has high-level specialist knowledge and abilities, and they also offer highly transferable research, innovation and evaluation skills. Projects can be individual or team-based, providing multi-disciplinary expertise and allowing for a wide range of project sizes.

Success stories


Name: Entrepreneur - Noel Welsh

EI Programme: Talent Pool

Business Idea:   Myna.com is revolutionising ‘A/B testing’ – a way of improving businesses’ websites by giving an insight into visitors’ behaviour.

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Shankar Suresh, University of Birmingham graduateName: Intrapreneur - Shankar Suresh

EI Programme:   Talent Pool

Business role:   Shankar discusses how the Talent Pool programmme gave him the ability to take his PhD forward and help secure a role as a 'Business Intelligence Executive' with Johnson & Johnson.

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Jwalant Batavia, attended the Talent Pool programme

Name:  Jwalant Batavia

EI Programme:  Talent Pool

Business role:  After completing Talent Pool, Jwalant was recruited by consultancy company Righttrack to undertake a research project in July and August 2014.

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More information

If you have any questions about the Talent Pool, please contact:

Careers Network
E: ei@contacts.bham.ac.uk