Alex Mason

Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme
LLB Law, 2021

Tell us about the mentoring experience.

Hello I'm Alex Mason and I'm being mentored by Alan Davey the Controller of BBC Radio 3. And I'm absolutely loving the experience so far. At first it really was nerve-wracking. I remember being in the waiting room on Zoom for the first meeting with my palms sweating but there was no need and you get yourself worked up for no reason because at the end of the day these people want to help you and they are incredibly successful but you know once you after 10 seconds of breaking the ice you know that they're just lovely genuine warm people who do want to assist you and take a genuine interest in your future.

What advice would you give to mentees?

So if I was to give one piece of advice to future mentees, it would be to not get yourself too worked up about it because it's a really fortunate thing to be able to do to speak to these people and they're very kind so generous. Alan in particular has been wonderful and so helpful to me.

So I'd say just relax and be yourself, you know don't be afraid to tell them all about your life because that's what they want to hear about they want to understand you as a person and so that they can help you with what's best for you and your future. We've done all of our meetings over zoom.

I've had I think it's three so far and they've all been incredibly different and really helpful and I would recommend it to anybody. And we're going to meet next week for a catch-up. I've already seen a job that I want to apply for and Alan's been helping me with my CV so all in all it's been incredibly useful to me very insightful and I'd recommend it to anyone. You know enjoy it, because it's a very lucky opportunity to be in. Thank you. 


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