Anna Newsome

Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme
Modern Languages and Translation, 2022
Mentored by Dame Cilla Snowball 


""Hello, I'm Anna, a fourth year Modern Languages student, due to graduate this summer in 2022. I have had the privilege of being mentored by the wonderful Dame Cilla Snowball on the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme this year. Prior to starting my mentorship, I was really quite overwhelmed by the thought of what next, which I think is quite a common feeling amoung final year university students. So I applied to the ALMP programme as I thought it would help ease these feelings of uncertainty, and it did just that.

I was initally quite nervous to meet my mentor, I didn't know what to expect. But very quickly I realised with some positivity and determination, this programme would be incredibly beneficial, both on a personal level and an academic level. My mentorship with Cilla has been great. Cilla has been a real guiding voice throughout the final year of my studies. Not only has she provided me with useful guidance about the world of work, particularly within her area of expertise, but she has also suggested sectors I hadn't previously considered, such as working in journalism.

The mentorship experience has also helped me with my confidence. As someone who used to panic at the thought of the unknown, I cannot thank Cilla enough for her encouragement from the start. She has been an incredible support and has really helped me to understand myself better from an academic point of view, and to clarify my goals. 

Overall, I would really recommend the ALMP programme. It allows you to connect with accomplished individuals from a sector you may be interested in, and also allows you to establish a professional relationship outside of your studies. This programme has played a key role in the enjoyment of my final year as well. It has allowed me to develop skills which I know will be essential in my future job.

Finally, on a personal note, I do also want to say a big thank you to Cilla for being my guiding voice this year. I feel truly honoured to have been your mentee and I have no doubt your future mentee will have an equally fabulous experience. 


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