Ayaan Mohamud - Work Experience Bursary

Ayaan, a student in the Medical School, used the Work Experience Bursary towards working on a medical project in Zambia.

""What did you do?

My role in the medical project largely involved working in the administrative aspect of dealing with patients. I was placed in the medical Registry where I was given the task of speaking to patients, taking their vitals such as blood pressure, temperature, weight and height. I also had the opportunity to shadow a nurse working in the Family Planning clinic. This gave me insight into how attitudes towards contraception are changing in Zambia.

What did you learn?

This internship has allowed me to see how important teamwork is, in all contexts, but particularly in the context of a struggling healthcare system. I found that the Registry was certainly where I was best placed as it challenged my communication skills and allowed me to practice key skills such as recording patient vitals.

This unforgettable internship has truly been character-building, it has allowed me to see and experience healthcare somewhere completely out of my comfort zone and has it given me the chance to make an impact, however small. I will cherish this experience.

Ayaan Mohamud

College of Medical and Dental Sciences, Medical School

“Although seeing more difficult cases was emotionally challenging, I am grateful to have been allowed a glimpse into people‚Äôs hardships as when I practice medicine in the future, I will be reminded that the patient is at the heart of it all.”


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