Chelsea-Peach Digby case study

Work Experience with Working Title Films (London)
BA American and Canadian Studies, 2018

Chelsea-Peach’s role involved typical runner jobs. For example, dealing with the post and parcels and helping prepare for meetings. 

She also did script coverage and log lining: she had to read scripts and make a report on them. She assisted the Producers in their tasks in the development process.

Her biggest achievement was that during her time assisting the producer of ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ she was asked to make a show reel for Margot Robbie.

“During my internship, I got a few emails and names for other opportunities in film that I am hoping to chase up! I wouldn’t have found out about these opportunities unless I underwent this experience.”

Chelsea-Peach Digby

BA American and Canadian Studies, 2018

“I really feel like this experience is going to be completely invaluable on my CV. Not only does the name look amazing on my CV (as Working Title are one of the UK’s most successful production companies) but the skills I learnt such as Script Coverage is vital to getting entry level film jobs.”


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