Claudia Ellor

Careers Network Mentoring Scheme
BSc Chemistry with Pharmacology, 2020


Hi, my name is Claudia and I'm a Chemistry Pharmacology graduate. I took part in the Careers Mentoring Scheme in 2018. My mentor also studied Chemistry at the University of Birmingham and then went on to work for Shell. We spoke on FaceTime around once a month and also met on campus and in town. I joined the Mentoring Scheme as I wanted some help in finding a summer placement. My mentor facilitated conversations with relevant contacts, helped me design my CV, and also prepared me for interviews. Thanks to him, I did gain a summer placement and we're still in contact now.

Top Tip for mentorship

My top tip for making the most of the mentoring schemes is being prepared for the meetings. Write down your goals and then your outcomes afterwards. Be proactive.

Advice from mentor

One piece of advice from my mentor was to find what interests me the most and pursue it. He told me to be confident and communicate well to articulate what I want.


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