Mariam Gulfraz case study

Impact Challenge participant
Law with Business

What inspired you to get involved in the Impact Challenge?

I didn’t have any work experience over the summer so I thought I should take advantage of schemes at uni where I would learn similar skills. The chance to work with a team on a live business project inspired me to get involved.

What did you do on the Impact Challenge?

We worked with Superheroes for change to create a project delivery plan to create a new society on campus. We firstly surveyed students at the Guild to work out the most effective way to market to students. In the end we focused on how we would train students to run and sustain the society.

What did you enjoy most about the Impact Challenge?

Working in a team. Meeting all 36 students and my own group allowed me to learn more about team strengths and weaknesses. It was also amazing tosee the whole project come together at the end.

How have you developed your skills through taking part in the Impact Challenge?

Firstly, I’ve become more open to sharing my ideas in a group setting as I’ve become more comfortable with people disagreeing with my ideas. Secondly, I’ve developed my commercial awareness. It has given me an insight into how to interact with employers and learn transferable skills. It’s also been great to focus on creativity and innovation instead of academic work.


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