Eleanor Stubley

Personal Skills Award
BSc Biomedical Science, 2022

What have you gained from undertaking the Personal Skills Award?

I have most importantly gained confidence and self-awareness of my abilities whilst undertaking the PSA Advanced. The diverse nature of the award has meant that I have taken part in unique experiences I did not originally expect at university, such as planning my own overseas independent research project and building an educational podcast on applying to graduate law. Both of these are examples of how the PSA has pushed me to take the initiative and make opportunities for myself, something I would not have been confident doing previously.

Additionally, I have really enjoyed becoming increasingly involved in university societies, and in my final year become a committee member of Medics Women's Rugby and Global Brigades. This has helped to continue to develop my ability and enjoyment of working in a team.

How did your time undertaking the PSA help you prepare for graduate
recruitment processes?

Firstly, while undertaking the PSA Advanced, which included application forms and an interview, I was, at the same time, applying for graduate law. Therefore, the PSA guidance and advice supported me throughout my application, helping me to gain confidence. Stages of the PSA that required analysing different skills and abilities I possess, while also acknowledging areas I could develop further, helped me to identify different aspects to put forward on my CV and personal statement. Acknowledgement of areas for further development allowed me to focus on and improve some of these aspects before applying.

What have you found most challenging about your experience? 

The most challenging aspect of the PSA Advanced is that you are undertaking it whilst also doing a university degree, and for me also while applying for future education. This meant that at times university, PSA and application deadlines clashed together, which added pressure. Maintaining an organised and specific schedule really helped me to manage this challenge, so that I gradually completed all the necessary assignments, instead of feeling rushed at the end. Identifying assignments or particular jobs that needed to be prioritised was also an important skill I developed, to ensure that I was not trying to complete multiple different assignments at the same time, which would have affected the quality of the work.

Why would you recommend the PSA to other students?

I would recommend the PSA to other students as the points system helps to push you to seek out and become involved in new aspects of university life. This can help to push you out of your comfort zone, while also giving you the opportunities to meet lots of new people. Additionally, the PSA centres around strengths and weaknesses so helps to build self-awareness, which I found hugely helpful for application processes and interviews.

What are your career plans for the future?

I plan to study graduate law, with the ambition of becoming a human rights barrister. I would ideally like to work internationally.


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