Stella Adebona

10K Black Interns
Politics and International Relations with a Year Abroad, 2024

How did you hear about the 10K Black Interns programme?

I heard about the 10k Black Interns programme via the African Caribbean Society as I am the careers officer (2021-2022 committee) which requires me to be in constant correspondence with companies and businesses.

What inspired you to apply to the programme?

I was inspired to apply as 10k Black Interns champions something I am highly involved within, which is the increased involvement of ethnic minorities in the corporate space. 

Did you receive any application support from Careers Network
or 10K Black Interns?

Within the application process I received help from my own mentor that I achieved via UpReach and 10K Black Interns themselves, which provide great insight into how to be successful throughout the application process. 

How did you choose which sector to apply to?

I chose 3 sectors that each highly interest me that being government, charity, and insurance/ investment sector, and I achieved an internship at Royal Sun Alliance (an insurance company). 

What is your job role?

My job role was managing a project that focused on improving an area of the business. This involved me networking and speaking to people across the business, attending meetings, complying a data process that ensured I achieved the aims of the project. 

What have been some highlights of your internship so far?

My main highlights of the internship were meeting new like-minded people and travelling to Peterborough as that’s where my internship was based. 

What advice would you give to other University of Birmingham students or graduates considering applying to the programme this year?

My advice to other UoB student/ graduates applying to the programme this year: use all the help you can get - whether that be Careers Network, family or friend - utilise it to your advantage.


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