Sumirat Saini case study - Birmingham Project

Birmingham Project
LLB Bachelor of Laws, Second year student 

Video transcript

What do previous participants think of the Birmingham Project?

Hello, My name is Sumirat, I'm a second year Law LLB student studying at this prestigious University. I was just thinking that I could spread some positivity through this video by sharing my experience of participating in the Birmingham Project.

What did you do during the Birmingham Project?

I was so excited to be part of this Project that as soon as I received a list of my team members I contacted them individually to get to know them better and set up a Whatsapp group so that we all can keep in touch during the project. All the members of my team were multitalented. We were able to divide the work evenly and share the same enthusiasm for the completion of this project, which I believe enabled our idea to become a reality. We exchanged documents via Google Drive and made full use of Zoom for our daily team calls. Our team came up with the concept of building an immersive platform called Mirror with the goal of encouraging reflective practices by using innovative tools and resources that have been backed up by psychological studies on different issues such as eco-chambers, fake news, online abuse, on social media that had a significant effect on the communities.

How will your Birmingham Project experience benefit you in the future?

Taking part in the Birmingham Project not only helped me grow my skills by working on something innovative during the summer lockdown but also encouraged me to take part in more projects like this in my second year.

What advice would you give to students who are thinking of getting involved in the Birmingham Project?

Are you brave enough to try new things and seize opportunities? If your heart says yes then the Birmingham Project is perfect for you, because it is one of the best opportunities that you can take advantage of only during your first year of study, to refine yourself, boost your CV, learn something new and make new friends! So don't waste another minute of your life and go for it.

Thanks Sumirat for sharing your experience. For more info about the Birmingham Project go to the Birmingham Project website.


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