Taiwo Abiola

10K Black Interns
BA Modern Languages, 2022


What inspired you to apply to the programme?

I really didn’t know where I wanted to take my career so I thought an internship could give me good insight into whether or not I would like working in a specific sector.

How did you choose which sector to apply to? 

I researched the sectors that grabbed my immediate attention. I then made a list of my strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to categorise which sectors would best allow me to explore those strengths. I also thought about long-term earning and growth potential in each prospective sector.

What was the recruitment process like?

The recruitment process can include online assessments, video or telephone interviews, and assessment centres. Once you have been allocated your companies, it is up to them to reach out to you and if they do, they generally follow their own standard recruitment process. The recruitment process is completely independent from 10k Black Interns and depends entirely on the companies you get allocated.

What is your job role?

I work at a global investment bank on a team where we help start-up companies with female or ethnic minority founders to scale and accelerate their business. My role is very dynamic, my team is made up of colleagues from various backgrounds within investment banking, so I get to learn something from everyone. I also got to do a Financial Edge investment banking micro-degree certificate. Although not entirely relevant to my role, it’s been really helpful to have that exposure.

Highlights of my internship?  

My 10-week contract being extended to a year contract!

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?  

Make sure you do your research. It sounds really simple but sounding confident and knowing what you’re talking about both in your application and interviews will help you.

Get a fresh set of eyes to read over your application and ask for honest feedback.

Having a great CV is key, this is the only thing employers will be able to read about you initially. There are so many sample CVs out there but it’s really easy to get this bit wrong. Be concise, I personally like to keep it to 1 and a half pages max, use bullet points, and also be specific.


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