Social Enterprise (SE)

Change your world...

  • Are you passionate about the local community, environment or a social issue?
  • Can you turn that passion into action with an enterprising solution that will transform people’s lives for the better?

If so, you may be interested in gaining a Social Enterprise Unltd Award that provides you with funds to turn your idea into a reality, or in attending one of our forthcoming workshops.

Social enterprise workshops

Working with Enactus, we are running a flexible programme of workshops commencing on 24 February 2014, including:

  • Social change: what is social enterprise?
  • Making it work and setting it up
  • Business venture: running the enterprise day to day
  • Sustainable impact: long term planning

If you are interested in attending these workshops, please email or register through Careers Connect


Applications are now open. You can either apply for a Try It Award or a Do It Award.

Our Social Enterprise Awards

The University of Birmingham has partnered with UnLtd and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to help create an ecosystem that aims to nurture and develop social enterprise within Higher Education.

The partnership's main aims are to develop expertise, skills, and business support structures in social entrepreneurship and social enterprise activity.

To find our more about the support and funding we can offer budding social entrepreneurs, visit our Social Enterprise UnLtd webpages.

Weekly drop-ins

If you don't yet have an idea, don't worry; we have a weekly drop-in, every Wednesday between 12.00 and 14.00, at the Old Gymnasium, where you can talk to a member of the team about your social cause.

Additional information

Any student Group or Individual student from the University will be automatically entered into EI’s competition Plan B  under the category “Community and Public Improvement” for your chance to win a prize. You do not need to submit another application form.

HE support social enterprise initiative
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