PSA student of the year nominee video transcript Gowsaleya Sriskantharajah

Title: PSA Student of the Year Nominee 2018 Gowsaleya Sriskantharajah

Duration: 1:06

Hi, my name is Gowsaleya Sriskantharajah, I am studying Economics with German in my 4th year, and I have done the PSA Advanced pathway.

Why did you enrol onto the PSA?

I got involved with the PSA because I have done a lot of activities during my life at university, and I heard about the PSA and realised that I would be eligible for the advanced and so I went ahead and completed the PSA award.

How have you benefited from undertaking the award?

The most useful part of the PSA award I would say, would be answering the questions. So you have to answer quite a few competency questions and I was able to use these in my job applications for my grad jobs. These are really helpful because they were checked by professionals so you know you are along the right track.

I would definitely recommend you do the PSA. You probably don’t even realise but you have probably collected a number of points already. You can just check with the list as there is a numerous amount of things you can get involved with. So I would definitely recommend you get involved with the PSA Award.

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