PSA student of the year video transcript Aleksandra Aleksandrova

Title: Aleksandra Aleksandrova - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:09

0:05 My name is Aleksandra, and I'm a final year Business Management Undergraduate. To achieve

0:10 the PSA Advanced Award I went through the activities pathway, so I got involved in a

0:15 variety of extra-curricular activities, both on and off campus. I had voluntary work experience

0:22 doing social media marketing in a local charity, I was a team member of the University Welcome

0:28 Week, and I also had part time job at a local law company. All of this enabled me to develop

0:35 valuable transferrable skills such as team work, inter-personal skills, organisation

0:41 and time management, and in addition I've always been interested in learning languages,

0:46 so I decided to take German in my first year, and French in my last year, and that was really

0:52 enjoyable, plus it further enhanced my communication abilities. And I also got involved with the

0:59 Careers Network for the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Scheme in my final year. I had a

1:04 brilliant mentor who was really supportive, and helped me secure my dream job after graduation.

1:09 I've got a lot from the PSA scheme, particularly in terms of building my confidence and employability

1:15 skills. I think that University is much more than simply obtaining a degree, it's about

1:20 the people you meet and the activities you got involved in too. And I think that the

1:26 PSA scheme in terms of learning how to reflect on your experiences, understanding your strengths

1:33 and weaknesses and building your employability skills in crucial, and an advice to for PSA

1:40 students would be get involved in anything that you feel passionate about as early as

1:46 possible, and take advantage of of all the opportunities offered by the PSA team such

1:52 as workshops, sessions, employer led events and presentations because these give you really

1:58 good insight into the professional world, and show you how to demonstrate with confidence

2:04 your employability and also a great way to expand your professional network.

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