PSA student of the year nominee video transcript Alex Gutheridge

Title: PSA Student of the Year Nominee 2018 Alex Gutheridge

Duration: 1:29

Hi everyone, I am a second year Law with Business student and I have completed the Advanced PSA Award.

Why did you enrol onto the PSA?

The PSA Award is the University’s Employability Programme and as a Law with Business student I am applying for lots of placements over second and third year. I thought this was the biggest opportunity to combine all of the individual things I have done and put it into a combined effort and a combined award which is recognised by the University and beyond.

How have you benefited from undertaking the award?

I think some of the biggest parts of the award that have benefitted me have been the online sessions. These allow you to work at your own pace on a specific thing that you think you need to improve on, for example, one thing that I needed to improve on was my time management skills, my degree in the second year has been a lot more demanding and to be able to do the PSA Award alongside individual things like Pro Bono for example, has allowed me to improve my time management skills and to develop certain ways of dealing with multiple things at once.

So for anyone thinking to do the PSA I would suggest to get involved as soon as possible, I know a lot of people have done the award in their third year, but by all means if you can get it done in the first or second year it can make you feel much more confident going into third year when you are likely to be thinking about other jobs and looking at your life after Uni.

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