PSA student of the year video transcript Amy Brown

Title: Amy Brown - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:00

0:05 My name is Amy Brown and I am a fourth year Psychology and Psychological Practice student

0:09 and I’ve been part of PSA for four years.

0:11 I’ve joined the PSA in my first year after joining Birmingham Nightline

0:14 as it was a very good way to receive recognition

0:17 for the number of hours you had to put in as a Birmingham Nightline volunteer.

0:20 Not only did you have the 45 hours required volunteering every term

0:26 but you also got an extensive training period

0:30 so it’s a really good way to receive recognition through that.

0:34 In addition, I was part of the committee on Birmingham Nightline for three years

0:37 and I was also an average mentor and part of Monday Night Club

0:41 and I also picked up internships and paid work experience during my summer holidays.

0:46 So the PSA was a brilliant way to collect all that experience and receive recognition.

0:51 In addition, I’ve found the employer led workshops really helpful towards applying successfully

0:57 to further internships throughout my studies and then for a job afterwards.

1:02 Particularly, the workshops focusing on the recruitment process

1:06 and how to tailor your cover letter to the sort of attributes that employers are looking for,

1:11 how to do well in psychometric tests

1:13 and also how to conduct yourself at an assessment centre

1:17 in order to get yourself recognised above the really high calibre people that are there.

1:22 These sort of skills really helped me in…

1:24 I was shortlisted for the Undergraduate of the Year Award for Commercial Excellence

1:29 which is run by TargetJobs

1:31 and I’ve also successfully achieved a funded internship in China for the remainder of this year.

1:38 I would recommend to anyone taking extra volunteering hours alongside their studies

1:44 to enhance their employability

1:46 to get involved in the PSA

1:48 because not only do you receive that recognition for doing the extra volunteering hours

1:52 or in fact paid hours but it also helps your employability,

1:56 it helps your awareness of how to proceed after university.

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