PSA student of the year video transcript Andrea Ferrazzo

Title: Andrea Ferrazzo - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:10

My name is Andrea, I’m a final year undergraduate student in Environmental Management, I’m actually graduating in a couple of weeks time. I’m an international student originally from Italy.

So the activities I got involved with that allowed me to gain the PSA Advanced, I was a sports scholar in first year, and starting second year I became a student mentor after working as a Welcoming team member with the Guild. I then quite rowing and started up triathlon, I’ve now been part of the triathlon team for the past two years, and second and third I also represented my department of Geography and Life Sciences department as a student Ambassador, where basically doing Open Days to introduce myself and the course to parents and basically answer and questions to hand.

I also got involved with the Green Impact project and where essentially combines students and staff members use the environmental impact of institutions and in that case different university departments.

Future tips for PSA students, I’d say I know it might be hard before you acutally complete your PSA but try and reflect on the activities you get involved in, even if the activities you get involved with something that you think is not relevant, believe me there is something that can be used, there is a skill that you’re acquiring, at least one skill that can be used at a job interview, so try and reflect upon that before you complete your PSA, but then you’ll see that once you finish it off you’ll see how easy it is to sort of think back and say while I was doing this and that I was learning how to communicate, teamwork etcetera so try to focus on that from the first year basically and then once you get involved with PSA it’ll be easier.

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