PSA student of the year nominee video transcript Caitlin McHale

Title: PSA Student of the Year Nominee 2018 Caitlin McHale

Duration: 1:36

Hi, I’m Caitlin McHale and I am studying Medicine and I am in my 6th year now and I did the PSA (Advanced).

Why did you enrol onto the PSA?

I got told about the PSA by a friend back in my second year at uni and she mentioned that I had done a lot of activities that were related to and could probably count for it. I went to one of the introductory events and they basically told us that by doing the PSA it seemed really worthwhile because you then could finish university with more than just your degree and you suddenly look like you have made the most of your university experiences - that is the main reason really.

How have you benefited from undertaking the award?

The most useful part was meeting the other people that had done the PSA at events such as the ‘Interview Preparation Sessions’ and the workshops because you met people that had done completely different activities to you, activities that I didn’t even know existed and that gave you the ideas to then go and try and do those activities yourself. And I would never have even discovered  some of them if it hadn’t been for meeting other people that had done them - so that was really good.

You would probably be amazed at how many of the activities that you already do, that you do for fun, probably count for something on the PSA, and the joy of doing them through the PSA is an activity that you didn’t realise that would make you look more employable. The people at the PSA can help you realise that it makes you more employable and the things that you have learnt from it make you just a better candidate for future jobs. So I would say definitely apply and even if you start at the beginning of your university degree you can then keep it in the background for the entirety of your course.


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