PSA student of the year video transcript Dwayne Spiteri

Title: Dwayne Spiteri - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:35

0:05 Hi my name's Dwayne Spiteri, and I'm a third year physics with particle physics and cosmology

0:11 student. And I did the Advanced PSA Activity Pathway. My PSA journey started in first year,

0:18 when I was the President of the Pritchatts Park Resident's Association. I did a lot of

0:26 work with the other members of the resident's association, meeting new people, organising

0:31 events, doing wellfare, and representing the people of Pritchatts Park, on higher bodies.

0:35 And after my year in office, I had a really good time, and I decided to join the PSA,

0:41 because I wanted to gain some more experience doing very similar kind of things and develop

0:45 my character as a person. I became Physics and Astronomy guild counsellor, and I've been

0:51 doing that role since the beginning of second year. I joined some student societies, and

0:58 I became the treasurer of table top gaming for two years running, and the secretary of

1:04 chess society for one and a half years now, and those have made me meet a plethora of

1:11 new people, I've organised events for them, I've helped the members manage themselves,

1:16 I've encouraged other people to experiment and find different ways of approaching people.

1:22 And all of these have helped, I've learned to manage my time, I've learned to help organise

1:28 events differently, I've helped through getting different kinds of people to come to the events,

1:32 I've helped approach people to help get freshers involved as well. And the Advanced, PSA Advanced,

1:38 has really helped me do this because it pushes you to do things that you may or may not have

1:44 tried before. People don't really think about the PSA Advanced is that they get business

1:47 workshops to help you as well. So you have the opportunity to go and chase after the

1:53 employers when they're chasing after you at this very crucial time. So for my advice for

1:58 PSA students, is to be adventurous and to be bold, and try things that you haven't done

2:03 before. This is good because it gets you involved and it gets you to try and branch out from

2:09 your bubble and try new things, because there'll be points in your university career where

2:15 you'll think I could do this or I could not, and its at those points where the PSA says

2:20 you should be involved, because you want to try and get points, you want to try and get

2:22 a good mark, you want to try and get a good score, so you get pushed to do more and more

2:26 new things, and you try things you haven't tried before, and you're usually better off

2:30 for it. I've never regretted any of the decisions I've had to make, and neither will you.

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