PSA student of the year video transcript Ella Howells

Title: Ella Howells - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 1:49

0:05 Hi I'm Ella, and I'm a third year Chemical Engineering Student at the University of Birmingham,

0:09 and I've just completed my PSA advanced award. I started off on the modular pathway, and

0:14 I completed one module each year alongside my degree, which actually fitted in really

0:19 well, and they've actually really complimented my course as well, and the modules really

0:25 help you develop personally and it really helps when applying to jobs, you've got the

0:29 skills there to enhance your CV, know what to put into your CV and also it really helps

0:36 in interviews, which is what I think landed me my internship with Exxon Mobil this Summer.

0:41 So I did three modules, the ones that I did were Employability and Professional Development,

0:47 Project Management and Presenting Yourself with Impact. The activities that I've been

0:51 involved with in order to gain my Advanced award were through a number of sort of extra

0:55 curricular ones such as the University of Birmingham netball team, and also the salsa

1:00 society. I've also, though, done quite a lot for my, chemical engineering committee, particularly

1:06 this year. I'm the industrial representative for the department therefore I've had to coordinate

1:12 all the meetings, all the presentations for companies to come in to our university, and

1:17 also I put on an industrial dinner this year, which also raised quite a lot of money for

1:23 charity, and this dinner is what's helped a lot of our students gain their industrial

1:27 placements and internships next year, and hopefully many more to come in the future,

1:33 because we've got six more companies joining this year. And then I've also gained points

1:38 as well from helping out on UCAS days in my University and helping the first years feel

1:44 a little less worried, because I know that I was really worried when I first came into University.

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