PSA student of the year video transcript Ellie Wood

Title: Ellie Wood - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:03

Hi my name is Ellie Wood, I’m a final year Psychology student. I got involved with the PSA because I really wanted a way to document all the volunteering and extra-curricular things I was doing whilst at university. I therefore completed the Activity Pathway in my second year and completed the Advanced Pathway in my third year.

To complete the Activity Pathway I was Birmingham Nightline’s secretary and then co-ordinator. I also did a variety of external volunteering, such as working with Headway the brain injury charity, and I’ve also done four pieces of paid work at university: one as an administrative assistant with the British Council of Archaeology, one as a secretary for a tutoring agency, one as a higher Education mentor for the university and one as a PASS coordinator for the university.

I’ve got an enormous amount out of the PSA and I couldn’t recommend it more to future PSA students. I think that something I’ve got particularly out of it is confidence in my ability to present myself in my employability to skills. Something that I think is particularly great about the PSA is the support that the staff give you,and the trust that they put in you, which I think is invaluable and something that is not found in a lot of other HE institutions.

As a tip for future PSA students I would say definitely get involved as soon as possible because then you can reap the rewards of being involved for three years. I think a lot of people get involved in their third year and can’t get as much out of it as you would if you’d got involved earlier.

A second tip is more kind of admin related but it would definitely be beneficial if you started logging your hours on a person log sheet as early as possible so when it comes to documenting your hours and recording them for the PSA, you know exactly what you’ve done, where you did it and you’ve got the proof already written down.

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