PSA student of the year video transcript Emma Butterworth

Title: Emma Butterworth - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 3:10

0:05 Hi my name's Emma Butterworth, and I'm a final year International Business with Spanish student.

0:08 I'm enrolled on the Advanced Activity Pathway. University for me is about so much more than

0:15 my degree, and the PSA really encapsulates that by celebrating getting involved as many

0:21 opportunities as possible and rewards that and helps you to grow and learn and exploit

0:26 all the opportunities available. I've done this firstly through sport, I started a sport

0:32 called korfball in my first year and recently, I have been lucky enough to be represented

0:39 to select Great Britain at the University Student World Cup. Also, through korfball

0:43 I've been lucky enough to be nominated for a Full Blues and Winnabucks medal. I've taken

0:47 on roles of leadership and responsibility, so I've been Vice Captain of the Korfball

0:52 First team, and also been on the committee for two years running, firstly as the Tournament

0:56 Secretary, later as the Media Officer. This later position has really combined my interests

1:01 in marketing with sport, which has been perfect, it's something I want to pursue a career in.

1:08 Also through this role, I've then looked at other opportunities available and I have volunteered

1:13 as the UoB Sports Brand Ambassador, which is promoting sport to as many people as possible

1:18 on campus, and in the local community. Also to further my interest in marketing, I've

1:24 been involved in the Careers Network scheme of the mentoring, and I've had a marketing

1:28 professional mentor me this year. And also, I've secured work experience through the Alumni

1:32 network with the Beans group. So in terms of work experience, last year on a year abroad

1:38 I was interning at the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain which was a fantastic experience,

1:43 in my first kind of sales job, and I managed to surpass and double my sales target. I've

1:48 also taught English in Spain which is another different opportunity which allowed me to

1:52 see the different side of work. And then also, I worked at london 2012, which was a fantastic

1:58 experience to see sport on a global stage. I was a member of the business society and

2:03 the investment society and through that in first year I was part of the EY Advisory Insight

2:08 open day. And then in second year I was part of the Cap Gemini Community Challenge where

2:12 I worked in a team to raise £3000 in three days. And then lastly, this year I was one

2:18 out of 1500 selected to do the Spring Program at Mckenzie, which was fantastic to meet like

2:25 minded people. And all this kind of, although the experiences are great, they are worthless

2:30 without being able to articulate what I've learn from them and how I can contribute that

2:34 to a wider scale, and that's where the PSA comes in, and it really helps you to learn

2:38 to articulate yourself. They really support and help develop you and through the process

2:43 you learn so much, so I would really recommend it to everyone, and just to get started in

2:48 first year and get involved in as many activities as possible, say yes to as much as possible,

2:52 and you'll be amazed how the points mount up. It's really important to keep a track

2:55 record of everything that you've done. And then lastly to reflect on your experiences,

2:59 whether they've been good or bad, it helps you to not make the same mistakes twice and

3:03 also to learn what you really lack and what your passions are so you can use them to develop

3:08 and grow.

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