Benefits of the PSA

The Personal Skills Award has been designed and developed exclusively for University of Birmingham students to provide you with an opportunity to develop, recognise and articulate your professional skills in preparation for real-world recruitment processes. 

 What does the PSA mean to our students?

This video outlines what PSA students see as the main benefits of enrolling onto and completing the award. 

 How the PSA will benefit you:

  • Increase your confidence; 81% of completers surveyed in 2018 felt that their confidence in their own employability increased as a direct result of completing the PSA 
  • Develop your self-awareness; 86% of completers surveyed in 2018 said that they were more able to articulate their employability skills as a direct result of participating in the PSA
  • Enhance your knowledge of applying for graduate jobs; as part of the PSA you will have the opportunity to meet directly with graduate recruiters who are actively recruiting PSA students!
  • Get recognition; the PSA appears on your enhanced transcript and you will gain a certificate for completing the award.
  • Support from the PSA team; throughout the year the PSA team is available to help you get involved, claim your points, complete the elements of the PSA and provide guidance on applying your skills to the real-world. 
  • 97% of completers surveyed in 2018 would recommend the PSA to a friend

 How you can achieve the PSA

You must enrol onto the Personal Skills Award by attending a PSA Induction Session. Once you’ve attended an Induction Session, you enrol onto the PSA via an online enrolment form. This confirms your eligibility to the programme.

Once enrolled you can get involved in a multitude of PSA opportunities, earn your points and complete the award of your choice! 

 Student stories

You can find out how previous PSA students have completed the PSA by watching our student story videos.

PSA Completer, 2018  "The PSA has definitely helped me consider my own employability, and also learn how to demonstrate it effectively. Previously, I had experience but I didn't know how to showcase my skills in a way that would be attractive to employers, but now I feel comfortable in doing so."


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