PSA student of the year video transcript Jaleesa Carr

Title: Jaleesa Carr - PSA Student of the Year winner video

Duration: 1:57

0:04 Hi, my name's Jaleesa Carr, I'm a pyschology student in my second year, and I've just completed

0:10 the PSA Activity Advanced Pathway. The activities that I took part in were mentoring, with Outreach

0:17 at Birmingham where I went to a school and helped children with their academic and professional

0:25 development. I also volunteered with Childline, which took place once a week, where I counselled

0:31 young children, concerning their wellbeing. I was also a customer assistant at Boots over

0:38 the summer holidays between year one and year two and I also took part in workshops including

0:44 Leadership Development, and Promoting my own Self-Brand. What I gained from this experience

0:50 was definitely skills such as confidence in my abilities, communication skills, leadership

0:57 organisation and planning, definitely for the fact that there was so much different

1:02 extra-curricular activities happening at one time. I also gained a lot of insight, I gained

1:10 a lot of self-awareness, as the course required me to look at my strengths and my weaknesses,

1:16 and this is something that I wouldn't really have gained in doing anything else. My top

1:21 tips for anyone that is planning to join the PSA is to definitely get involved in a wide

1:27 range of different things, this way you can gain loads of different experiences and you'll

1:31 be able to use these transferable skills in future career paths. Definitely I would say

1:37 to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, push yourself in ways that you've

1:43 never really pushed yourself before, that way you can see your strengths and your weaknesses,

1:46 and I would definitely say that you should reflect on your way throughout the course,

1:51 and that way it will make it a lot easier at the end when you come to do the final interview

1:55 and the PSA completion.

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