PSA student of the year video transcript Kia Marie Hunt

Title: PSA Student of the Year 2017 Kia Marie Hunt

Duration: 1:44

My name is Kia Marie Hunt and I completed the PSA (Advanced) pathway.

Which activities did you undertake in order to achieve the PSA?

Some of the activities I have been involved in include being a Student Representative for Hispanic Studies, working as a Welcome Week Ambassador for international students, volunteering in Uruguay at a nature reserve during my time abroad, working on the Selly Oak Clean and Gleam Team (so cleaning up the Selly Oak community area), and being part of The Linguist magazine which is a society. I have been a contributor, editor, designer and president for the society. 

What skills have you gained?

So the skills that I’ve gained from the PSA are immense. I have gained communication skills, leadership skills, definitely planning and organisation, having to fit all the activities around a part time job and my degree as well. And then the PSA as a whole I think the best thing about it is that it’s given me the ability to reflect on all of those activities that I have done and realise how they’ve added to my character and how they have helped me to help the community - and how they have made me employable as well. I think without the PSA I wouldn’t have been able to make those reflections and realise why all the things that I have done are so important.

Do you have any advice for students who are thinking about enrolling onto the PSA?

First I would recommend that you go onto the website and have a look at the activities you can gain points for because it could probably be that like me you have already earned a lot of points without realising it, just from some of the things you have been doing. And then my main piece of advice would be just do it because it was definitely one of the best decisions that I made at university. 

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