PSA student of the year nominee video transcript Laura Brindley

Title: PSA Student of the Year Nominee 2018 Laura Brindley

Duration: 2:17

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m a 3rd year Psychology student and I have just completed the PSA Advanced.

Why did you enrol onto the PSA?

I got involved with the PSA because I really wanted to expand my horizons outside of my degree and I really wanted to look ahead to after I graduate and start developing some employability skills. I was particularly really keen on the employer led workshops because I didn’t have a specific idea about kind of what career to go into so I thought that they would give me some guidance and give me some insight into what is out there. I was also really intrigued by the idea by getting to do the interview practice as well, and just being able to kind of practice an interview in something that was a little bit less pressurised than an actual interview and get some really useful feedback.

How have you benefited from undertaking the award?

I think the most useful thing really is that it is something great to talk about at interview, I feel that I have learnt so much from it, it has allowed me to kind of recognise the value of the volunteering and the experiences that I have developed, and also it has introduced me to the Civil Service Fast Stream, because they are one of the employer supporters. So through the PSA I learnt more about what the Civil Service does and with the kind of experience and skills that the PSA has given me I have felt more confident to make an application - which was successful. So I feel like in terms of attending the assessment centre and things like that, doing the PSA was a big boost in my confidence.

I think my main advice really is that there are so many different experiences that you can get recognised by the PSA, so it’s not just things on campus, like being in a student group or on a committee, you can also get external volunteering recognised. So if things that you might do over the summer for example, when you are at home, you can get those recognised. So I would just say go for it, you can really expand your horizons and I think it is a great thing to get involved with.

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