PSA student of the year video transcript Lee Chapman

Title: Lee Chapman - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 3:00

0:05 Hi, my name is Lee Chapman and I'm a second year music student studying at the University

0:09 of Birmingham, and I've recently completed my Advanced PSA pathway. I never really expected

0:14 to do the PSA, but after attending an introductory session, I found that it was really useful

0:19 to get some different opportunities, working with different people and developing and being

0:23 able to articulate my skills in different areas. As a music student I am involved a

0:28 lot of extra-curricular activities in the music department, and recently I joined the

0:32 University Music Society Committee, as a Chamber Choir Manager. And this has been really exciting

0:38 to give something back to the society, and also to help the committee reach a number

0:42 of different goals, including putting on some really great concerts and giving opportunities

0:47 to lots of musicians and singers to expand their knowledge about music and to really

0:52 develop their skills in the area, and it's been a lot of fun doing all of this. As well

0:57 as being a music student, I have a connection to the banking industry, as I'm a member of

1:02 one of the first cohorts of Lloyds Scholars here at the University of Birmingham. This

1:07 has been a really invaluable experience for me, as I've had the opportunity to work with

1:11 a dedicated mentor who works for Lloyds bank, and I'm about to start my second internship

1:16 with the bank that will take place this summer, and I'll be working in the Human Resources

1:21 department here in Birmingham, which I'm really excited to start, as it's a different area

1:25 o really examine the different methods of recruitment that take place in Lloyds Bank.

1:30 As well as working at Lloyds, and some other customer service based roles in the past,

1:34 I also really enjoy volunteering. I'm currently a BEAT Young Ambassador and I also work 

1:40 a lot with STAR, which is a guild-run organisation, which is the Student Action for Refugees group,

1:45 and this means we regularly attend the refugee centre in Birmingham, and we run a different

1:50 range of play schemes and children's clubs to really help the children engage in some

1:54 different interactive activities and also get some educational experiences before starting

1:59 school in the area. The PSA has been such an amazing experience, not just for the opportunities

2:03 and different workshops that they've given, but also I've been able to get involved with

2:08 making some new foundation courses for the PSA as I've been the Personal Skills Award

2:13 Digital Project Coordinator for this summer term, and it's been really great to get involved

2:18 with helping out for different aspects of the PSA, and really giving something back

2:22 after all they've given to me. Furthermore, I don't think I would have thought so much

2:26 about what I'm doing after university if it wasn't for the Personal Skills Award. It's

2:31 really helped me consider some of the opportunities that are out there, and it's helped me to

2:35 embrace the different interviews and opportunities that they advertise. For example, I recently

2:41 completed an Assessment Centre for Teach First Brand Manager, and I managed to meet the competencies

2:47 for Teach First, an opportunity I wouldn't have even known about if it weren't for the

2:51 PSA, and I definitely don't think I would have been able to bring out my potential in

2:54 the interview without the different skills that the PSA has given me, and helped me to

2:58 articulate in an interview situation.

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