PSA student of the year video transcript meet the nominees and winner

Title: Meet the nominees and winner - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 1:01

0:08 Hi, my name's Dwayne Spiteri and I'm a third year Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology student.

0:15 My name's Amy Brown, I'm a fourth year Pyschology and Psychological Practice student.

0:19 My name is Aleksandra, and I'm a final year Business Management undergraduate.

0:23 Hi, I'm Ella, I'm a third year Chemical Engineering Student at the University of Birmingham.

0:27 Hi my name is Muneebah Quyyam, I'm a fourth year MSci Mathematics undergraduate.

0:31 Hi my name's Emma Butterworth and I'm a fourth and final year International Business with Spanish student.

0:36 Hi there I'm Sam, I'm a final year undergraduate taking English with Creative Writing, with a year in Computer Science.

0:42 Hi my name is Lee Chapman, and I'm a Music Student in my second year studying at the University of Birmingham.

0:51 Hi my name's Jaleesa Carr, I'm a Pyschology student in my second year.

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