PSA student of the year video transcript Muneebah Quyyam

Title: Muneebah Quyyam - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 3:00

0:05 Hi my name is Muneebah Quyyam, I'm a fourth year MSci Mathematics undergraduate, and I

0:09 took the PSA Activity Pathway. I got involved with the Personal Skills Award because I wanted

0:13 to develop my employability skills. In particular what appealed to me was the fact that you0:18could attend exclusive events, networking events and PSA employer-led sessions. From

0:22 a young age I've been very passionate about enhancing the student experience, and since

0:27 my first year at university I've been a student rep for the maths staff student committee.

0:31 This academic year I became the co-chair for the maths committee. I led committee meetings,

0:35 wrote the agenda, decorated the display board and these are just a few of my responsibilities.

0:40 My ability to actively acknowledge the view of others and actively engage with students,

0:46 not just improve the student experience for myself has effectively developed me to become

0:50 a strong leader. From my success as co-chair, I also became a school rep. My experience

0:55 from sitting on this committee made me more confident, I interacted with other school

0:58 reps, I successfully highlighted my own points and shared ideas for improvement. Also I became

1:05 a PASS leader, because I want to share my knowledge with others. I developed strong

1:09 inter-personal skills, team work skills and these are through working with new people

1:13 and teaching different students each week. During my academic year, this final year I

1:16 have also an events coordinator for the Pakistani society. I actively participated in organising

1:23 successful events such as a charity week and also organising their annual charity dinner

1:27 and dance event in march. During my studies I've also worked part time through work-link.

1:31 My first role was as a prospective student caller, and I'm currently working as an Equality

1:36 and Diversity student ambassador. I'm a leading member of the black and ethnic minority group.

1:40 I work with the school of mathematics and I want to improve and support BMEStudents

1:45 success. Following my passion and enthusiasm I received funding and I will work on a two

1:51 week Higher Education Academy funded project, exploring BME figures in mathematics and my

1:55 work will be used for outreach projects and other open days. I'm continuing my passion

2:01 to enhance the student experience. I actually got nominated to attend an exclusive lunch

2:05 with the Vice-chancellor. This was a huge privilege and it gave me the opportunity to

2:09 share everybody's views on a higher platform. Overall I have really enjoyed getting involved

2:14 with the PSA, as I result I have become more confident in articulating my employability

2:18 skills, I have learnt about reflection I'm more aware of my own skills set. My passion

2:22 to be the best that I can be has definitely made me go above and beyond in all my roles,

2:27 therefore being nominated for the PSA Student of the Year is definitely an achievement in

2:31 itself. It shows me how far I have come in terms of my excellent skills I have achieved

2:35 academically, extra-curricular activities, so I'd like to say thank you. A tip for future

2:39 students would definitely be, get involved in as many activities as you can. Learn new

2:42 things and challenge yourself, if you're in your final year don't worry like myself, I've

2:46 completed and enrolled in, and completed on the criteria in the PSA all in my final year.

2:53 Definitely another tip would be, keep up to date with your activities, keep a log, stay

2:57 organised - this will definitely follow you through and help you when you're claiming


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