PSA student of the year nominee video transcript Phoebe Mansfield

Title: PSA Student of the Year Nominee 2018 Phoebe Mansfield

Duration: 1:48

My name is Phoebe and I am studying Political Science and I’m in my final year at university, and I’ve just completed the PSA Advanced. 

Why did you enrol onto the PSA?

I’ve always done quite a lot of extra-curricular at university,  just because I’ve enjoyed getting involved in non-academic things that they have on offer here.   I think it was at a Careers Fair that I saw a stand for the PSA, so I went over and asked what was involved and what you had to do, and I realised that it was a really good way to acknowledge the extra-curricular that I did here. I think that’s one of the main reasons I got involved.   

How have you benefited from undertaking the award?

By doing the PSA Advanced, you have to complete a set of questions and this was probably the most beneficial thing about doing the PSA Advanced because the questions are very similar to those that you would be asked at an interview for a job. So it meant that I had to reflect on what I’d done at university and the skills that I’d gained, so for example leadership and team work – that kind of thing. So you had to reflect on where you’d shown those skills, and that’s really useful because when an employer asks that in an interview, I’ve already got prepared answers. 

So I would definitely advise all students to get involved in the PSA, whichever  level you’re going to be doing, because not only is it nice to acknowledge all the non-academic stuff that you’ve got involved with at uni , but it’s also very useful to reflect on your achievements here , and then you can use that going forwards so you can put it on your CV and LinkedIn and you can put that you’ve done the PSA and then employers will ask what that is and that will give you the chance to explain what else you have done whilst being here, which is equally important I think.

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