PSA student of the year video transcript Samuel Parr

Title: Samuel Parr - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:09

0:05 Hi there, I'm Sam, I'm a final year undergraduate taking English with Creative Writing, with

0:10 a year in Computer Science, quite an unusual degree. Over the past few years I've taken

0:14 the PSA modular in my first two years and this year I just completed the PSA Advanced

0:18 where I've been lucky enough to get nominated for the PSA Student of the Year Award. I did

0:23 quite a diverse range of activities to pass the Advanced, for example I did quite a lot

0:27 of voluntary work, I was Birmingham Nightline's Coordinator and Technical Support Officer,

0:32 I've also been a Student Rep this year for my fellow Creative Writing Students. I've

0:35 also got involved with stuff external to University, such as stewarding at Arts Events across Birmingham

0:41 and getting involved with quite a few different projects to help with disadvantaged children.

0:45 I've also actually had some paid work experience which has been nice. Last Summer I did an

0:49 internship at the University actually, looking at information security and data management.

0:54 Also this year, I've been lucky enough to get onto the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Scheme,

0:58 where I've had a mentor who's talked to me about my professional development, we've discussed

1:02 what I want to do and stuff like that. So all that together I think really

1:05 enhanced my skill set and enabled me to pass the PSA Advanced and luckily get nominated

1:10 for the award. I think, looking back over my past few years, the PSA's been absolutely

1:13 invaluable for me to both get the skills and the confidence you need to actually do lots

1:19 of these opportunities, for example the leadership module I did as part of the PSA really inspired

1:24 me and gave me the confidence to go for Night Line coordinator, while the skills I learnt

1:28 about writing a CV, communicating yourself in an interview and stuff like that, were

1:33 vital to me getting the internship over summer. I guess any tips I have for PSA students or

1:39 for any students in general is first of all of course to do it - take a look at the PSA

1:43 activity and the PSA modular and see which one's right for you. Also I'd say when you

1:48 do do the PSA, throw yourself into it, really apply yourself, engage with everything they're

1:52 teaching you and see how this relates to you, how you can practice that, and don't just

1:56 think that something they are teaching you is irrelevant to you or something you already

2:00 know, as with anything I think the PSA is something where the more you put in, the more

2:04 you'll get out of it. But I think of all the things you can do at University, it's really

2:07 really worth while.

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