PSA student of the year video transcript Silviu Meterna

Title: Silviu Meterna- PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:17

Hi I’m Silviu I’m 22 years old, I’m an international student from Romania. I study Mathematical Economics and Statistics with a year in Computer Science. In order to achieve the PSA I’ve been involved in a number of activies that I’m passionate about in and out of university campus.

Throughout university I’ve had two summer internships, one work experience, I also did volunteering for the Birmingham Foundation Academy. I’ve been involved with two societies: the Romanian Society and the UNICEF on Campus Society, and also had several part-time jobs, and I’ve been involved in a range of activities one being the Mentoring Scheme provided by Careers Network.

Through PSA I formed a unique and diverse skill set. I developed my transferable skills such as communication, team work, planning and organizational skills. I also learnt new skills such as communication in the professional environment, professional networking skills, professional etiquette and how to make yourself known and build a professional network.

Doing the PSA is a great way to get a head start, my top tips for future PSA students are to find the things that you’re passionate about and get involved as early as you can. Also try to find the right balance for you between academic studies and extra-curricular activities. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take on different roles, this will allow you to learn new skills and diversify your skillset which will definitely make you stand out.

Make sure you keep good communication with the PSA team, keep track of the activities that you completed throughout the year, and make sure to submit your points on time. The last thing I would say is to be as proactive as you can an maximise your experience.

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