PSA student of the year video transcript Thomas Syder

Title: Thomas Syder - PSA Student of the Year nominee video

Duration: 2:39

I’m Tom, I’ve just finished my third year of a degree in Physics and Astrophysics, I have one more year to go to get an integrated undergraduate Master’s degree, and I’ve also just achieved my advanced Personal Skills Award and been nominated for PSA Student of the Year.

So in order to achieve my Personal Skills Award, I first went through the modular pathway, taking modules in employability and professional development skills, project management, and finally presenting yourself with impact, and then on top of that built on all of my extra-curricular activities as well to achieve the advanced award. So during my time at university I’ve been very involved with the music society, playing in the wind band, brass band, also singing in the choir, the chamber choir, the opera, and that’s developed a whole range of skills for me, working as part of an ensemble, social skills, all these sorts of things, but my direct contributions in terms of personal skills and employability have been through the committees that I’ve sat on, including the Astronomical Society in my first year, Sat Nav, the university science magazine, in my second year, and currently the LGBTQ Association, all of which are very different societies, and being on the committees has allowed me to develop a broad range of skills, meet a lot of new people and it’s been a great experience, and that was what I mainly used to achieve the Advanced Personal Skills Award, as well as my departmental roles of student representative and misconduct committee student representative.

I’ve really enjoyed doing the Personal Skills Award, it’s taught me a huge amount, I’ve just got an internship with Centrica for the summer which I’m sure I would have found much for difficult to achieve if it hadn’t been for the PSA and all of the interview practice and techniques and things it’s taught me, and if I had one tip for any future Personal Skills Award’s students I’d say pretty much just get involved with anything that catches your eye while at university, it’s a fantastic for your life to try new things, meet new people and even if it doesn’t end up going anywhere you’ll just have a load of fun with it and it will contribute toward your PSA and your employability at the end of the day. 

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