PSA student of the year nominee 2017 - Zoe Screti

Title: PSA Student of the Year Nominee 2017 Zoe Screti

Duration: 1:41

My name is Zoe, I study History at the university and I completed the advanced pathway.

Which activities did you undertake in order to achieve the PSA?

I have been involved in lots of different things in my academic studies, so I did the 'Dissertation Poster Conference' and also worked as a Student Rep and Student Ambassador for the past three years. And then outside of my department I have been involved in lots of societies - so I am Editor at the university's newspaper, I chair a fundraising society and I have taken on lots of different roles in that sort of sense.

What skills have you gained?

I’ve learnt quite a lot of skills through the activities, so looking at ones in my department doing the 'Dissertation Poster Conference' in particular which was good because I would quite like to pursue a career in academia so it was a really good opportunity to sort of develop those presentation skills ahead of that. But also taking on the roles of the societies has been really helpful with organisational skills, timekeeping, and also creative skills as well because running fund raisers and doing all the promotion for that required me to develop those creation skills.

Do you have any advice for students who are thinking about enrolling onto the PSA?

I started the PSA not thinking I would be able to do the advanced pathway, so I was just looking at doing the regular PSA, and actually your points add up quite quickly, so if you are someone that gets involved in quite a lot of things I’d say definitely go for it and don’t be daunted by it. You do kind of have to go that extra mile for the advanced pathway but it is worth it and it’s easily done. 

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