How to claim your PSA points

To claim your points for your Personal Skills Award (PSA) activities you will need to follow the instructions on this page.

Please read each section in detail to ensure that there are no problems or disputes when processing your points allocation.

Claiming PSA points for all activities

You must 'bank' your PSA points each year (by December). To claim your points for this year you will need to:

  • Access the online points declaration form, which can be found on the PSA Completion Course on Canvas (please note, points claim forms will be made available at the start of Semester one). The guidance on how to claim points is available on Canvas.
  • Please ensure that you submit your points declaration form and any additional documentation by the deadline - 8 December 2021.

Claiming PSA points for external work and voluntary experience

  • You must inform your employer that you will be claiming the hours you have worked towards the University of Birmingham's Employability Skills Award - The Personal Skills Award. Details can be found via External Work And Voluntary Experience Canvas page.
  • Declare your individual work and voluntary experiences on the online PSA points declaration form via PSA Canvas course.
  • Include full details of the role you have undertaken in the more information box including your employers name, the organisation name and contact details of the individual who will verify your hours worked.
  • Ensure that your line manager or supervisor has given full permission for them to be contacted, it is your responsibility to inform them the PSA will be contacting them. 
  • Submit your points declaration form by the deadline - 8 December 2021.
  • For more information on the points available for this activity, please see the PSA External Work and Voluntary Experience Canvas pages.

Claiming PSA points for department activities

Department activities include being committee members of a university school or college department society or being a department student ambassador. To claim points for department activities you will need to provide the PSA with contact details of a department staff member who can verify your involvement. We will ask for these details on the PSA points declaration form. 

Claiming PSA points for Careers Network sessions

  • Points will automatically be added to your PSA profile if you attend a Careers Network event session. 
  • For Careers Network sessions you will need to ensure you have some evidence of attendance, for example, this is recorded on Careers Connect or you have signed a register/have notes from the session. The PSA will allocate points automatically based on your profile on Careers Connect.


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