Complete the Personal Skills Award

To achieve the Personal Skills Award you must meet the criteria as outlined below. By completing the PSA you will be demonstrating to employers that you have been dedicated and committed to your own personal development. Furthermore, the PSA will provide you with the confidence in developing, recognising and articulating your professional skills through online learning and attending a PSA Completion Session. 

How can you complete the Personal Skills Award

  • You must have attended a PSA Induction Session, if you haven't already attended you can book via Careers Connect
  • You must enrol to the PSA before the deadline 13 December 2018.
  • Get involved in PSA Opportunities over one, two, three or more years.
  • Earn a minimum of 150 PSA points by participating in a combination of opportunities and activities.
  • Claim your points with the PSA team every February - find out more information on our claim your points page.
  • You will need to have completed any online courses by 12 February 2019, and you will also need to claim your points for any other activities with the PSA Team by that deadline. If you do not complete any of the online courses to which you are registered by the deadline for the current session, you can take the course again in the following year, but unfortunately you will lose your progress and be required to start from the beginning. 
  • Complete the online element of the PSA Completion Session before 12 February 2019.
  • Attend a two hour completion session. These will take place in spring term 2019.
  • Submit the PSA completion form based on reflection-related questions.
  • Deadline to complete the Personal Skills Award 12 February 2019

Chloe Taylor "Completing the Personal Skills Award has not only given me a great qualification for my CV but also invaluable skills to take into the workplace. The PSA sessions have taught me how to discuss my experiences and in a way that effectively highlights these attributes, both on paper and in interview; it's taught me how I can make myself standout"