Complete the PSA (Foundation)

Completing the Personal Skills Award (PSA)(Foundation) will give you an insight into how to develop your professional skills and it is a great starting point to understanding employability.

The PSA (Foundation) offers you the opportunity to develop, recognise and articulate your skills by participating in activities and online learning.

You will achieve the PSA (Foundation) if you earn a total of 80 PSA points and complete the online Employability Essentials course. You can get involved in a combination of activities to earn your points. 

If you wish to complete the Personal Skills Award, you do not need to complete the PSA (Foundation) beforehand.

How to achieve the PSA (Foundation)

You must be enrolled on the PSA. You can enrol by undertaking a PSA Induction Session and submitting an online enrolment form by 3 November 2021. 

To complete you need to obtain 80 PSA points, and you must have completed the compulsory Employability Essential online course (worth 20 PSA points) by 8 December 2021 if you wish to use the points for this academic year. The remaining 60 points can come from undertaking additional online PSA courses or by getting involved with other PSA recognised activities of your choice.

You will also need to claim your points for any other activities with the PSA Team by 8 December 2021. If you do not complete any of the online courses to which you are registered by the deadline for the current session, you can take the course again in the following year, but unfortunately you will lose your progress and be required to start from the beginning. 

Laura Brindley "Perhaps my favourite thing about the PSA was that it made me realise I had skills and experiences I never knew I had. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend the PSA (Foundation) as it offered me a structured, interactive and flexible way of learning more about how to adapt to employment after graduation."


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