Points and activities

The PSA team works together with a large number of activity providers across the University to enable you to gain recognition for the extra-curricular activities you are involved in. 

What are PSA points? 

PSA points are numerical values in which you can earn by undertaking PSA activities. Each activity the PSA recognises has it's own PSA points value attached.The PSA has developed a ‘Points Matrix’ which measures the following criteria in all of the extra-curricular activities (with the exception of external work/voluntary experience). The points allocated to each activity are determined through the following criteria:

  • Training
  • Application/Appointment process
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Award

The PSA works with each Activity Provider (the department responsible for co-ordinating the activity) to allocate points to each of our endorsed activities. The Activity Providers set out the minimum criteria that you are expected to achieve in order to receive PSA points. The point value allocated is non-negotiable. You must accumulate at least 150 PSA points to achieve the PSA. 

What activities are eligible for PSA points? 

The following activity providers have worked with the PSA to allocate points to a number of their activities. This list is just a taster of Activity Providers. There are over forty activity providers and over 220 different activities recognised, the full list of Activity Providers can be found on the PSA Points and Activities Canvas course.

Please note: To view PSA points tables and the criteria you need to reach to achieve your points, please go to the PSA Points and Activities Canvas course.

How many points do I need to complete the PSA? 

You will need to collect a minimum of 150 points to complete the PSA. 

Additionally, the 150 points must come from two separate activities (e.g. external work experience and sport). 

How can I claim my PSA points? 

Detailed information on how to claim PSA points can be found on the how to claim your PSA points webpage.

You can also find further instructions on the PSA Canvas information pages.

You can also come along to any of the PSA drop in sessions to discuss what you can claim for and how you can claim. 

Forms and information can also be found by logging into the PSA Canvas course.


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